January's Top Three

Hello Beautiful!

If you are like most people, when you find a product you love, you talk about it! Who's with me?!? I love sharing little things that bring me joy or help simplify my life!!!

I'm here today sharing my favorite items for January!!! Keep in mind... It's cold here in Oklahoma. Like really cold. My skin feels like a reptile and my poor little lips are all cracked and dry. I was complaining to my wonderful neighbor, Whitney, and boy-oh-boy did she hook me up! There are lots of wonderful products made by this company, but my favorite product for this cold month of January is the Rodan and Fields Lip Balm. 


January is wonderful for so so many reasons... new year... fresh start.... yada yada... January also has its downsides. It's a very dark month with very little sunshine. Totally puts a damper on this light-loving photographer's schedule. Anyway... I stumbled across these super inexpensive little night lights and have them scattered all over my house. They are just enough light to make sure you don't stub your toe when you are going for a 2 am potty break. Check them out!!!


Okay... final product of the month (I have my sweet friend, Carly, to thank for this one). Every time I saw her, she was rocking these super adorable boots and she raved about how comfy and warm they were. Not to mention... waterproof. YES PLEASE! I put it on the list for Santa this year and he delivered. Technically, she delivered... THANKS MOM! Pretty sure these boots have gotten more use in the short time I have owned them, than most of the shoes in my entire closet. Carly's review was spot on in regards to comfort and warmth, so I really think everyone needs a pair! Unless you live somewhere super warm... then you probably don't. Take a look!


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with these products, nor do I get any type of kickback. Please do your own research and buy at your own risk. 

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