Makeup and Your Wedding Day

Having photographed weddings now for over 10 years I've seen the consistent difference professional makeup will make on your wedding day photos. Not only is it extremely pampering to have someone else do your makeup on one of the biggest of events of your life, but you'll also be extremely thankful when you look at your photos after your wedding!

So what should you be looking for in a makeup artist as there are so many out there?  I love this advice from Marie Claire: pick someone who is calm! After all, you might have some wedding day jitters, so pick someone who is going to help you feel relaxed! Another great way to find who might work for you is to stalk Instagram and browse their portfolio! It will help you determine if their style is something you like before you set up a time to meet with them. Factor in a budget range as you might fall in love with someone on the higher end of your budget, but if your personalities blend and you love their work, it's worth it!

If you live in the Oklahoma metro area I've included three of my favorite makeup artists, plus some weddings I’ve photographed with their lovely work!

Kelsi ThompsonComment