What to Wear to Your Headshot

I absolutely love helping business owners create images to support their brand. I can also say without hesitation that the clothes you wear can make or break the success of your headshot session. So what should you wear? Here's the tricky part. There aren't hard and fast rules! It really depends on your business!! For instance, my advice on clothing recommendations to a financial professional versus a couple’s counselor would vary greatly! But, here are a couple of tips and questions you can ask yourself before your session:

1| Is the image of my business formal or casual?

2| How will the outfit I've picked flow with my current online presence (website, social media, business cards, marketing materials).

3| Next think about colors that fit within your existing brand. You don’t necessarily need to wear your brand colors (although, we love when people do), but think about how it will work with those colors. This is particularly important for images that will be used on your website and marketing material.

4| From there, choose the main cut or style that looks good on you! Ask someone else that knows you well if you're not sure!

If you're still not sure and would like more personalized advice and help, you may consider my branding session option! I will do a pre-consultation meeting with you where we will discuss what's important to you during your session and from there I will create a plan in regards to your session and the clothes I would suggest.

I've also included a few of my favorite stores I recommend you consider when shopping for your session:

GAP | Banana Republic | Zara | Express | Old Navy