Our highest aim is for every woman to see themselves as beautiful. Every woman we photograph will walk away feeling sexy, empowered, and ready to take on the world. At Kelsi Laine Boudoir, we specialize in modern, romantic images that are editorial-inspired. Our sessions are sensual but extremely sophisticated and classy.



  • Planning

  • Photo shoot to take place at the studio in OKC

  • Ordering appointment within two weeks of your session

  • Beautiful photo movie 

  • 25+ hand edited images to select from

  • 10 digital images




01  |  BOOK

First step in our boudoir experience is to get on the calendar. In a perfect world, we are booking at a minimum of one month out. Don't panic if you have less time that... we will try our best to get you in. One month is ideal so we can make sure we have time to get on the same page to make the session everything you hoped it would be and more. 

02  |  PLAN

After you session is scheduled, we like to find out more about what you want to accomplish with your shoot. What motivated you to book... what do you want the end result to be... what type of products are you interested in... Once we have answered some of the basic questions, we can help you plan your session. Most sessions take place in our beautiful Midtown, OKC studio. The private escape in the middle of OKC is bright and full of natural light to create a luxurious and glamorous backdrop. 

Next part of planning is figuring out what you want to wear... or not wear. Either way, don't worry... we have you covered with some great planning tools and guidelines to make prepping for your shoot a breeze!

03 | GLAM

On the day of the shoot, you will get all gussied up. We work with OKC's premier beauty professionals ensuring you will have an AMAZING experience and look. Professional hair and makeup are included in the Kelsi Laine Boudoir experience, so we have you covered. As your day get's closer, we will let you know exactly where to be a when. 

04 | SHOOT

THIS. This is what you have been waiting for... THIS is where the magic happens. Once you arrive to the studio we will chat for a bit and map out the game plan. We will pull out your outfits and accessories and talk about what you love about each of them. We will decide what order we want to shoot in and how we want to shoot each look. From there you will head in to the changing room for your first look. THIS. IS. THE. FUN. PART... Once you are dressed I will coach through a series of poses and looks. We will laugh, sip on delicious beverages and have the most amazing time. IT'S. SERIOUSLY. THE. BEST. We will continue the same process through all your looks. Once you hop back in to your every day clothes, I'm always happy to shoot a few more just for kicks and giggles.  I'm mean... you gotta have something to show on facebook, right?!?

05 | ORDER

Grab some bubbly... dim the lights! Let's view those sexy photos!!!! We will schedule a time you want to view your images. The cool thing about this process is you get to view your images at the most convenient time for you... in a space that you feel most comfortable. You will start by viewing a beautiful slideshow... then you get to start narrowing your favorites and place your order. If you place your oder within the first 48 hours, you get to keep your video of images AND you get 20% off an additional prints/products/digitals your order! Come on... who doesn't like free stuff! 

Have more questions?  Want to know more?  Ready to book?